Missions Policy

Date Adopted: October 26, 2003


In compliance with the Great Commission, and under the direction of the Holy Spirit of God, Chewelah Baptist Church commits itself unreservedly to the generous support of home and foreign missionaries. The vision of the church is to increase the financial support of our current missionaries as well as bring on new missionaries as the Lord prospers.

We believe the true mission of the local church is to share the life-changing message of the gospel of Christ, both home and abroad, so people can accept Christ as their Savior and local Baptist churches can be established.


The Pastor and Deacons will:

  1. Meet with and/or investigate each missionary to be considered for support by the church.
  2. Be responsible to the church for the continual evaluation of the doctrine, practice, and effectiveness of the missionaries supported by the church.
  3. Seek to lay a burden for missions upon the congregation resulting in continual prayer and financial support.
  4. Maintain a program of instruction which will:
    • lay out the basic principles of Biblical Missions through the pulpit and teaching ministries;
    • acquaint the people with missionary personnel and their fields of service;
    • encourage people to surrender their lives for missionary service;
    • search out ways of implementing the participation of the whole church in missions;
    • plan and coordinate missionary conferences and secure missionary speakers to stimulate interest and participation in missions;
    • keep missions before the church through bulletin boards, prayer letters, library books, and special projects.
  5. Coordinate all missionary projects and activities within the church.


  1. Qualifications for Support

    The missionary must be:

    • in agreement with our Articles of Faith, both in their doctrine and practice, and this Missions Policy. They must practice Biblical separation and have no ties with the charismatic movement, new evangelical organizations, or those who deny or tolerate denial of the fundamental doctrines of the Bible;
    • approved by a Baptist church or board of like faith which engages in an evangelistic type of ministry and establishment of New Testament local churches, or a service which will assist in the propagation of the same type.
  2. Acceptance Procedure

    • If the missionary meets the preceding requirements, the Pastor and Deacons will make its recommendation to the church.
    • All recommendations given to the church shall state the amount committed and the date it shall begin.
    • Missionary support shall be reconsidered annually with attention given to an increase in the cost of living, exchange rates of foreign currency, family size, and any special needs.
  3. Termination of Missionary Support or Dismissal of Missionary

    Missionary support should be reviewed and/or terminated for the following reasons:

    • When a missionary changes the board, sending church, or field under which he serves.
    • When the missionary’s services have been terminated by the sending church or Mission Board.
    • When the missionary is on an extended furlough, leave, or retirement.
    • When doctrinal or moral deviation arises.


  1. Mission Conference

    Mission Conferences may be held as directed by Section 11.1 in the constitution.

  2. Missionary Organizations

    A Ladies or Men’s Missionary auxiliary organization may be formed as directed by Section 12 in the constitution.

  3. Mission Trip

    Any church supported or sponsored mission trip, for a group or an individual, must be to a missionary who would meet the Qualifications for Support as listed above.

  4. Missionary Closet/Special Projects

    The church shall endeavor to meet the needs of missionaries by keeping a well-stocked mission closet for the benefit of visiting missionaries. Other projects or love offerings may be considered as special needs arise, whether on the field, on furlough, or while on deputation.

  5. Visit to the Field

    Occasional consideration will be given to sending a representative to one of the fields, served by one of our missionaries, to provide evaluation and give first hand insight to the work involved.