Coronavirus Update | Chewelah Baptist

Coronavirus Update

Update May 2, 2020

Sunday and Wednesday video sermons will continue to be offered on the church's website until we are able to meet again.

Update April 18, 2020

Jimmy Meeks (of Sheepdog Seminars and Law Enforcement Officer) wrote:

"Thousands and thousands of people are tuning in to watch church online. And we are seeing tons of people make professions of faith... (He then gives examples of churches who have way more people tuning in to watch their online service than they had attending church in person.)

This is happening all over the country. We could be seeing an unprecedented harvest! I’m seeing a lot of people cry foul, complaining that the government is trying to shut down the churches. Open your eyes! God is NOT as concerned about our “Constitutional Rights” as He is the promotion of His own agenda. The First Amendment is not as important to Him as is the First Commandment."

Very good thoughts. God has not taken a vacation. He continues to work in hearts and bring people to salvation! - Pastor Cleghorn

Update March 30, 2020

Some are saying the church of Christ has never been through times like this. Yes we have. The church has made it through many pandemics throughout history and will continue to do so until the day Jesus removes it from the earth at the rapture of the saints. Praise the Lord!

So until May, we will continue to use sermon videos to share God's Word. We will continue to pray and worship our Savior. We will call upon the Lord to use this new format so the gospel can be shared even more. We will continue to give financially to further this work and to support our missionaries around the world. Praise the Lord!

Do not allow fear or discouragement to take away your joy. Even though we may be disappointed that we cannot gather together at Easter, Jesus is still alive and we can worship our risen Savior 365 days a year! Praise the Lord!

Update March 21, 2020

Dear Church Family,

The church services in our building are still canceled, but the Church, those who have a relationship with Jesus Christ through salvation, are still worshiping and serving the Lord.

Sermon videos of our Wednesday Night Bible Studies and Sunday Morning Worship services are and will continue to be posted at and will be printed out and mailed to our members who do not have internet. By recording and posting our videos this way, it enables you to watch the sermons when it is convenient and to share the links of the sermons with others.

Digital bulletins, with announcements, prayer requests, praises, and directions for giving are posted on the church's Faithlife site at Just select the date of the bulletin you would like to read.

The Lord will continue to guide us through these times, to give us His wisdom and His strength, and to use this situation for our good and His glory.

“God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and love, and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7)

Please continue to pray for our nation and our leadership to have Godly wisdom as they make decisions. Pray for those families who have lost loved ones or who have loved ones that they cannot visit in hospitals and nursing homes. Pray for our first responders and those in the medical field to stay healthy. Pray that God would bring this virus to an end soon and that throughout all this He would be glorified.

Thank you.

Pastor Cleghorn