Our Distinctives


The name "Chewelah Baptist Church" clearly reveals our beliefs and practices.


We take an active role in our community desiring “for all to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.” It is our desire to make Chewelah a better place for all to live.


Baptists are not protestants. The Biblical principles practiced by the early New Testament church have always been followed by a small group of believers who separated themselves from the false doctrine of Roman Catholicism and other state-run churches. As a result of standing for Biblical truth, many separatists were persecuted and killed. Over the years, those who followed these Biblical principles were given the name “Baptist.”


The word "church" means "a called out assembly.” Followers of Jesus are to live a grace led (not legalistic), joyful life for the Lord, striving to bring Him honor and glory in all we do.

Chewelah Baptist Church is not part of any convention, fellowship, or association. The members of Chewelah Baptist Church decide how to run this local church as led by the Holy Spirit of God.